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Major Comeback

The inner most in me has been pushing myself to awaken the sleeping writer in me. Hence, since my schedule is not as hectic as last year, I have been thinking of sharing my thoughts again through writing.

I have been inactive in writing because the demand I get from my work and my graduate school is so high that I could no longer do other things. Luckily, I am almost done with my graduate school and my Saturdays are definitely free from going to and fro my university.

2016 marks my year of travelling. Despite my very hectic work and graduate studies schedule, I was able to snatch some time to release the stress that enveloped my being. Teaching and studying at the same time is no joke! But I am very proud to say that I am still standing alive! Thanks to travelling because it helped me survive from drowning in the abyss of stress.

Now, I am excited to be writing a lot about my travels– where I went and I manage to travel despite my meager salary– and a lot more!

Here’s a photo of me from one of my #WandefulFeet adventures.

Please leave a comment. I wanna know what you want me to write about.