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Home by Midway

It feels home to be at Home!

My colleagues and I had dinner at Home by Midway and I definitely commend their place, food, and service.

Seeing the mailbox and the swing outside, the mere facade of the restaurant would instantly attract and give you the feeling of being at home and upon entering, the interior design adds up to a home-like ambiance. The inside of the resto is, I believe, an American home design. It has a mural of a big tree and some quotations on the walls. There are also books displayed on the walls. I tried to borrow one and it was okay as long as you return the books properly. Of course, I also ‘invaded’ the toilet and was glad and impressed! It is clean and neat. You can actually lie on the floor! As an avid reader, it gave me a happy feeling seeing a small magazine shelf on the floor. Yes! You can actually read in the toilet.









My eyes were already satisfied with the looks of Home by Midway. The next and the most important thing to be satisfied was my famished stomach.

I ordered a large sized grilled tilapia with for my dinner. The fish was fresh. It didn’t smell stinky nor leave an awful after taste. Home by Midway serves only fresh and healthy dishes and to name some are the Tuna Wrap, Alogbati pasta, and Grilled Tilapia. To complete the set of my order, I ordered Blueberry Cheesecake at Php110 and a scoop of Homemade Papaya Ice Cream at Php20. I could’t get enough of these sweets, so every time I visit the resto, these two are always included in my order. Believe me they are more than just delicious!

Homemade Papaya Ice Cream
Blueberry Cheesecake
Fresh Grilled Tilapia

To complete my menu of satisfaction, the service of the staff is also something to give a thumbs up and five stars. They are very accommodating, approachable, and fast whenever you ask something from them. I always believe that aside from offering sumptuous meals, the waiters’ service also gives an impression to the customers. The waiters always have a smiling face whenever they accommodate the customers. With this gesture, it simply shows and expresses Filipino’s distinct characteristic– hospitable.



However, the restaurant doesn’t offer free internet. That means they do not have wifi because the management values good conversation, so put aside your smartphones, tablets, and laptops and chitchat with your family and friends.

What else are you waiting for? Visit Home by Midway. It is located in Delgado Street Iloilo City. It is beside Quix Mart and Imperial Appliance or it is across from SM Delgado Supermarket.

Bon appetit!


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