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West Visayas State University Application for Entrance Exam

It has been a month since second semester started and students, especially high school students, are still enjoying their high school life. However, not all students are fixating in this euphoric state. There are some who are anxious about their future and worry as to what course and university they are going to choose.

I, myself, did not even know which to choose before. I just went with the flow and followed my magical feet, but I had one thing in mind that I was very sure of– which university I was going to spend my four year college life. I chose West Visayas State University (WVSU) or more often it is called West.

West Visayas State University is one of the top universities in the Philippines in Education, Nursing and Medicine. It has created a lot of individuals who triumphantly wave their banners across the globe. That’s why every year, the university has two batches of entrance examinations to cater thousands of hopeful seniors in high school.

Two days ago, the Facebook account of WVSU announced that the application for entrance is still on going  although application forms have been available since November. However, the deadline of submission for applications is on the 13th.

Now, if you are wondering what requirements are needed for application, don’t worry I am here to help and guide you.

For students who are far from La Paz, Iloilo City which the main campus is located, it is more convenient that you have all the things needed for filing to save time, money and effort.

Although you can also send your application thru mail, I would still suggest to accomplish it personally so you can ask the questions that bother you and look for the testing room you are assigned.


1. Application form (Click the URL and look for the Downloads column on the left side)

2. 2×2 picture

3. For applicants who personally submit the form,  1 self-addressed stamped long white envelope. Mailed application form must be accompanied with 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes with postage stamp each.

(stamps are  available at the WVSU Post Office located near the main gate at Php 24 each)

4. Php 250 (200 testing fee, 20 filing fee)

5. Duly accomplished application form must be passed together with:

  • PHOTOCOPY of high school report card duly certified or authenticated by the Principal/Registrar (for applicants who have graduated) or a photocopy of the LATEST grading -period report card or certification from the Principal/Registrar that the student i graduating in March 2015.
  • PHOTOCOPY of the applicant’s birth certificate

If all the requirements are ready, submit them to the Registrar’s Office at the Administration Building (Go straight when you enter the main gate and look for the colored maroon building).

After you passed the documents, you will be given your schedule (based on my experience since there were morning and afternoon examinations) and you room assignment. I suggest you look for the building and your assigned room after you accomplished your application to avoid cramming and getting lost on the day of the examination.

The WVSU  second batch of entrance examination will be administered on December 21, 2014 (Sunday from 8 AM to 10 AM, WVSU Main Campus, La Paz, Iloilo City).

Note: Be early on the day of the examination. The exam has 5 parts: English, Mathematics, Filipino, Science and General Information. You are only given 2 hours to answer everything, so be time conscious. Do not linger on one question. If you don’t know the answer, leave it and go to the next question. Just go back to it if you are done answering the easy ones. Bring food and water if you want.

May the odds be in your favor soon to be Taga West!